Monitor Your Employee Performance In Real Time and

Send Your Marketing Promotions Effortlessly


The Challenge

According to the research done by Biz Journals in 2017, 50% of business owners mentioned Employee management/staffing as their number one challenge followed by effective marketing to increase profit. Regardless of the budget, most companies agree that it is difficult to measure employee performance and evaluating the result of marketing promotions.

The Solution

The right software can tackle both of these challenges by constantly measuring employees’ performance and sending promotions to customers while generating reports for managers in real time. The solution is to become aware of issues immediately so you can tackle them before they appear on review websites and turn into negative word of mouth.


Time Limited Offer

One year of free “Real Time Reports” for new clients

Save $100 per manager on real time reports.

This offer is valid only for new client.


Increase in Sales


Service Quality


Customer Loyalty


Saving Management Time


Real Free Trial

10-Day Free Trial

Use our devices for 10 days to see the results with your own eyes. All you have to do is to setup an appointment with an EEZin account executive to bring you the devices.


No Liability

You don’t have to worry about devices being broken or damaged.


No Limitation

Send unlimited promotions and download all of captured email addresses as well as your business and employee performance reports.

  • Submitting surveys 80%
  • Providing email addresses 20%
  • Returning to use promotions 65%
  • Not transferring complaints to Yelp 98%

Your Customers’ Involvement

It is impossible to truly engage your customers using comment cards and phone/email surveys. Life is too short to be spent on surveys unless they are fun or beneficial. EEZin makes it both fun and beneficial for your customers by digitizing the whole process and sending them your promotions or VIP invites immediately after submitting the survey. It’s a common knowledge that people love using electronic gadgets so why not using that into your advantage!

Our Track Records

About Us

At EEZin our mission is to create a profound connection between businesses and their customers by enabling businesses measure and increase the quality of their service and marketing tactics in real-time.

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